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With their love of balance and order also comes a complete intolerance for chaos and mess - Libras are often perfectionists.

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As they are ruled by Venus, they are like magpies and have an eye for expensive and beautiful things. Libras are ruled by air, so the safest bet for a happy relationship is one of the other air signs Gemini or Aquarius. Both signs are big thinkers and share Libra's people focused attitude. Cancers can be too sensitive for this sign, as they are looking for a emotional connection while Libra's are searching for mental stimulation. Despite having numerous strength areas in the Libran character, it is the presence of some of those strengths that make the Libra born people vulnerable to terrible weaknesses.

Although the sign is that of a balance, most often than not, the Libra born people remain extremely confused and indecisive in their head.

They have a problem of letting go of harmful things in order to be fair in their minds and thus create a state of indecisiveness. There are times when out of sheer frustration they can be malicious too. They can literally get into arguments and fights to prove their own points. The Libran people are symbolized and represented by balance scales. Thus it is not surprising that their characteristics will be that of a balanced individual. These are the most diplomatic and balancing people and they will strive to be just and make things right.

These are people who are naturally graceful and want to maintain harmony and peace under all situations. On their own too they avoid conflicts and confusion and that at times gives rise to their own indecisiveness and idiosyncrasies.

Libra Compatibility with Other Signs

However, there are lot of Librans too who could be extremely manipulative. They prove to be difficult when they get into the mode of selfishness and manipulation. But they can also control this side of their personality should they wish to. These graceful and charming people make excellent hosts and hostesses in social situations and they also have a lot of admiration for beauty in all forms.

Libra personality traits

Being cooperative by nature, they work well in teams and group activities. However, it is their nature of being just which often makes them forget that they have an opinion. Libra born people have a sharp intellect are also intuitive. They judge things carefully before taking calculated risks. They are forever eager to learn newer things and also to implement them.

To survive in the professional arena, they constantly require exchange of ideas and also a complete sense of harmony. These people are cooperative and make great team mates and co-workers. Their creative bent of mind makes a number of them take up careers such as actors, directors or involved in some creative pursuits. A sense of fairness also makes them eligible to pursue a career in law and peace keeping. Being charming makes them open to careers which need people interaction and people pleasing skills like communications, advisors, public relations etc.

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However there is always a sense of indecisiveness and self-doubt which can mar the otherwise brilliant situation of a Libran career wise. Librans can have extremely successful careers and can also will have a tremendous earning potential, provided they use it well. In most cases they will be able to balance the money they earn and what they spend. However there could be heavy spenders too, but even then their finances will remain sorted,.

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Having an inherent charm and being of friendly nature the Libra born people make friends easily. They are social creatures and will love to organize social do s along with family and friends.

Facts About The Libra Zodiac Sign That Explain These Peaceful, Intellectual People Perfectly

Most of this couple's issues will lie in the fact that Gemini is more independent than Libra. While a Gemini no doubt loves their relationship with their Libra, they also value their independent streak. This is something Libras have a harder time wrapping their heads around. They wouldn't mind spending all of their time with their partner, which can clash with the independent part of a Gemini's personality. Their partnership is a harmonious, exquisite one that will last well into their golden years, which is exactly what the Libra is looking for.

Libras are natural born diplomats. They're also extremely social people, so any occupation where they can be part of a collaborative team will be a successful choice for them. Obviously, a diplomat is a great choice for Libras. But a Libra will also make a great judge or lawyer. A Libra excels in any job that has projects where they can work alongside other people and contribute fresh, new ideas to the team.

12 Good and Bad Traits of Libra 2019

With their beautiful visions and friendly personalities, they would also make great designers. The Libra sign is the best at being able to separate their work lives from their personal lives.

The Libra man: Love, Sex, Friendship, Style

Libras understand more than anything that they need balance in order to have a happy life. Libras are wise in choosing careers that allow them to have this balance and set aside special time for their relationships.

Libra Behavior

Oh, and Libras are just as amazing at balancing checkbooks as they are at balancing their lives. So, you never have to worry about financial issues with a Libra by your side. Follow Us. Sign in. Sloane Solomon. Zodiac , Self December 18,